Let's Digital E-Learning Platform

The main aim of the platform is to deliver a powerful set of learner centric tools and collaborative learning environment that will empower both teaching and learning.
The E-Learning platform will support trainers in preparing and delivering training, information and advice to women migrants and support them in their entrepreneurship endeavour. The platform shall also pay special attention to women migrants in order to enforce the interactivity between the educators and women showcasing interactive environments through the use of mobile technologies.

The E-learning platform will cover:

  1. An e-learning content and technical solution for training the trainers on supporting women migrants in entrepreneurship;
  2. A mobile application, which will be provided to trainers in order to facilitate their work with the target group of women migrants;
  3. An e-learning content - careful adaptation of training materials (see IO2) for applying contemporary training approaches relevant for the e-learning.