LET’s DIGITAL pedagogical itinerary for VET trainers and piloting

This is a training pathway to enhance the professional development of VET trainers and mentors as primary vehicle for the empowerment of migrant women as self-employed workers. The training will propose innovative content adapted to a distance teaching environment and to migrant women.

The actions that Let's Digital will perform are:

  1. Preparation of the Training course
    Entrepreneurial skills are significant transversal skills that impact the way in which we work, create solutions and new products/initiatives. Our training course will aim at empowering and creating inner-value of the migrant women. The content will thus be designed to nurture the labour oriented and value creating competences of trainers who will be able to guide women migrants in actively participating in the socio-economic life of their hosting societies.
  2. Development of the assessment tool
    The course will be equipped with an assessment tool for trainers to identify the entrepreneurial skills gaps of migrant women. The results will then indicate the upskilling training and mentoring path that the beneficiary will need to undertake.
  3. Piloting the online training course
    In order to validate the training path, the course will be piloted using the e-learning platform with trainers from Spain, France and Italy.
The course and the assessment tool will be published on the open-source platform and will be available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Italian and French.